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Revo Crank - Black - FA \ FB Engine

Revo Crank - Black - FA \ FB Engine (Blemished)



These Revo Crank pulleys are being sold as a blemished G2 condition because they have a very small ding on the pulley. The ding does NOT affect the performance or balance of the pulley.

Introducing the Revo Crank pulley, form and function come together to deliver a truly unique performance part for your Subaru FA \ FB engine. The Revo crank pulley is only .81 pounds! The weight loss means less rotational weight and faster revs, transforming your acceleration experience.

The Revo Crank pulley directly bolts onto the Subaru FA and FB engine. The pulley is the same diameter as the OEM pulley and allows you to re-use your existing belt.

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2016 Subaru Forester XT
2017 Toyota 86
2018 Toyota 86
2013 Subaru Forester
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2013 Subaru Legacy
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Raceseng is proud to introduce the Revo Crank, a lightweight, performance pulley. Form and function unite to create a pulley packed with performance, design, engineering, and quality throughout.


We set out on a mission to put the pulley on an extensive diet using advanced product design and CAD modeling techniques.
The goal was to achieve the following:

1 | Reduce overall mass
2 | Reduce the moment of inertia
3 | Maintain superior strength


The crank pulley was run through extensive FEA simulations to determine where we could remove material without sacrificing the structural integrity of the pulley.


Validating our design and engineering assumptions is critical to finalizing product development. The pulleys were tested in both harsh winter conditions and the extreme heat of summer extensively. They were tested both on the street and put through heavy track use validating the quality of the engineering and materials used.


The Revo Crank weights 4.06 lbs. less than the OEM crank pulley and delivers an 80% reduction in rotating mass. The design keeps the mass as close as possible to the center of the pulley, requiring less torque to spin the pulleys and delivering more power to your wheels. You will feel improved throttle response and faster revs!

OEM Crank Pulley | 4.89 lbs.
Revo Crank Pulley | .83 lbs.


Each Revo Crank starts out as a solid block of USA milled 6061 T6 Aluminum. We precisely cnc machine the pulleys through turning and milling operations to sculpt the final design. The precision manufacturing tolerance results in a perfectly balanced pulley.


After machining, the crank pulley is anodized with our proprietary process to produce a rich color and prevent corrosion. The final touch is our signature ring and icon engraving giving this pulley a unique look like no other.


For the integrity and craftsmanship of our products, we do our manufacturing in house. We are proud to get our hands dirty crafting the very products we create.

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