3mm Allen Wrench
5/8" Wrench 



1 \ Slip the Mount over the front of the tow hook adapter


2 \ Use a 3mm Allen wrench to tighten the mounting bolt into the bottom of the adapter. Make sure the Allen wrench
has good engagement with the hex in the mounting bolt when tightening.


3 \ Remove the Knob and Knob Bolt.


4 \ Pass the ears of the GoPro case into the Mount. Put the Knob bolt through the holes of the Mount and thread the
Knob onto the Knob Bolt.


5 \ Adjust the GoPro’s vertical camera angle and tighten the Knob with a 5/8” wrench.


6 \ Double-check all the mounting hardware to make sure it is tight.


7 \ Enjoy your new Tug View footage!