3mm Allen Wrench
5/8" Wrench 



1 \ Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the Base Mount Screws from the Base Mount


2 \ Align the 2 holes in the Base Mount with the holes in the top of the Tug Plate. Use the Base Mount Screws and a
3mm Allen wrench to mount the Tug Plate View onto the backside of the Tug Plate


3 \ Remove the Knob and Knob Screw from the Swivel Mount


4 \ Pass the ears of the GoPro case into the Swivel Mount. Put the Knob Screw through the holes in the Swivel
Mount and thread the Knob onto the Knob Screw.


5 \ Adjust the GoPro’s vertical camera angle and tighten the Knob with a 5/8” wrench.


6 \ Adjust the GoPro’s horizontal camera angle by loosening the Swivel Screw with a 3mm allen wrench. Pivot the
Swivel Mount and tighten the Swivel Mount Screw.


7 \ Double-check all the mounting hardware to make sure it is tight.


8 \ Enjoy your new Tug Plate View footage!