1/8” Punch
1/16” Punch
1/8” Hex Allen Key
2.5mm Hex Allen Key


1 \ Remove the shift knob by turning it counter-clockwise.


2 \ Remove the interior panels around the shifter. You will need to access the shifter arm.


3 \ Raise the vehicle off the ground and support using jack stands. There is a small lever on the left-hand side of the transmission
to which the reverse lockout cables attach to. Slide a 1/8” hex Allen key thru the hole in the lever and into the hole in the
transmission. This prevents the reverse lockout cable from dropping when the pin is removed in the next step.


4 \ Put the car in 3rd gear. Use a 1/8” punch and hammer to drive out the pin in the reverse lockout handle


5 \ Remove the reverse lockout handle from the shifter arm. You will re-use the OEM rubber grommet and spring, make sure they
are installed on the shifter arm.


6 \ Apply grease to the upper and lower black plastic bushings on the shifter arm and the inside of the reverse lockout handle.


7 \ Install the Raceseng reverse lockout handle onto the shifter arm. Make sure the Apex R logo is facing the back of the car and
the grommet and spring are on the shifter arm. Slide the handle up and down to spread the grease onto the shifter arm. If the
handle does not move freely, light sand the black plastic bushings on the shifter arm.


8 \ Use a 2.5mm hex Allen key to install the M3 flat head screw thru the handle. Make sure it goes thru the slot in the shifter arm
and the hole in the cable located inside the shifter arm. If you are struggling to find the hole, use a 1/16” pin punch from the
opposite side the flat head screw gets inserted to get it aligned.


9 \ Remove the tool holding the reverse lockout lever from the underside of the car


10 \ Test the Raceseng reverse lockout for smooth travel and ensure the car can go into reverse.


11 \ Lower the car from the jack stands and reinstall your interior components.


12 \ Enjoy your new Raceseng R Lock handle!