Small Screw Driver
Razor Knife


1 \ Unscrew and remove the OEM shift knob.


2 \ Remove the chrome shift boot trim from the center console by pulling up at the front and back.


3 \ Hold the shift boot trim up to expose the underside of the shifter arm. Use a small screwdriver to release the 3
prongs on the reverse lockout collar which attach the boot to the shifter.

CAUTION: These tabs do not age well. They’ll break if you look at them wrong; be careful, be gentle.


4 \ Rest the top of the reverse lockout on a flat surface. Use a flathead screw driver to pry the bottom of the stock reverse lockout collar apart.Then, remove the shift boot from the reverse lockout.


5 \ To fit the Raceseng R Lock through the boot, use a razor knife and carefully remove one stitch at a time until you are able to fit the R Lock through the boot.


6 \ Use the provide zip tie to secure the shift boot around the R Lock collar.


 GT350 NOTE: If you are installing the R Lock on a GT350, remove the factory o-ring, located on your shift arm just
above the spring assembly, before proceeding to STEP 7.


7 \ Slide the Raceseng R Lock over the shifter arm and align the small groove in the bottom of the R Lock with the rib in factory reverse lockout carrier. The “R” engraving must face the rear of the car.


8 \ Snap the factory chrome trim ring back into place in the center console.


If you are installing the R Lock on a GT, Ecoboost or V6 model proceed to STEP 10.


9 \ If you are installing the R Lock on a GT350, remove the flat head screw from the top of the Raceseng adapter and replace it with the longer flat head screw supplied with the R Lock.


10 \ Reinstall the Raceseng shift knob.