All orders over $100 are eligible for a FREE SHIFT KNOB. Once you have over $100 in cart you will see at the top of cart the ability to add an Apex R color of your choice for free.


How to spend $100

We wanted to make it easier for you to get a free Apex R shift knob. So we put together some super easy ways to spend $100. These are not the only ways to spend $100, but they are ways to get the most product and still get a free Apex R shift knob.

Stuff to wear and stuff to shift

Apparel & Accessories

A quick way to reach $100 is through getting some Raceseng Apparel. This could be a t-shirt, hat, and sweathsirt. Then adding some stickers and keychains to hit that $100 mark. But don't forget an adapter so your free shift knob fits.

Get the full shifting upgrade

Shift Knob Accessories

Once you spend $100 your already getting a free shift knob. Well why not upgrade everything while your at it. Adding an adapter to get your free shift knob to fit plus adding a shift boot collar & shift knob extender is a perfect way to transform your shifting experience.

Buy 1 shift knob to get a free shift knob

2 is better than 1

The best way to take advantage of getting a free Apex R shift knob if you spend $100 is to buy another shift knob. If you buy any shift knob and spend over $100 you automatically get a free Apex R. Its sort of a no brainer, now you can switch up shift knobs whenever you want a different shifting experience.

Upgrading all aspects of your car

Exterior + Interior

Give your car a totally new look on the outside and inside by taking advantage of our free Apex R shift knob when you spend over $100. Get yourself a Tow Hook, Tow Strap, or a GoPro mount and you will also be getting a free Apex R shift knob. Just make sure to get the correct adapter so your free shift knob fits.

Titanium wheel hardware gets you a free shift knob

Wheels need love

Picking your self up a set of any of our titanium wheel hardware will automatically get you a free Apex R shift knob. You're not only getting the best lug nuts, lug bolts, or wheel studs on the market but also a free shift knob.