3/32” Pin Punch
2mm Allen Wrench


1 \ Remove the shift knob by turning it counter-clockwise.


2 \ Put the car in reverse and then pull the shift boot down and away from the
factory reverse lockout handle


3 \ Locate and press the roll-pin out of the handle with the 3/32” pin punch, then
pull the factory reverse lockout off the shift arm. This step will require a hammer
and some force to drive the pin out.


4 \ Leave the plastic hardware on the shift arm. Place some grease on the plastic
hardware and slide your R Lock onto the shifter arm. Be sure to align the screw
hole on the R Lock to the back of the shifter.


5 \ Insert the included screw into the opening. Make sure it goes through the cable
and threads into the R Lock. Tighten the screw.


6 \ Test your install by pulling up on the R Lock and make sure the car goes into


7 \ Reinstall the boot and shift knob.


8 \ Enjoy your new Raceseng R Lock handle!