Where is my custom order?
> All custom orders have a 6-8 week lead time, which is clearly stated on every custom page. If your order is past the 8 week lead time please fill the form out below for an Order Status Update.

My order says it shipped but hasn't left your building.
> Due to the global pandemic, there are longer delays than usual in the shipping companies tracking system, and some packages are taking longer than normal to be delivered. All our shipping carriers are currently overwhelmed due to the high volume of packages. Some tracking numbers are not updating until the day it is delivered. Your order is on its way to you. Unfortunately, once it is in the possession of the shipping company we have no control over when it is delivered.

My adapter is stuck, please help!
> Put blue loctite on the threads of the shifter arm
> Thread adapter/shift knob back onto the shifter arm and let the loctite set up (aprox 30-60 minutes)
> Unscrew the knob itself and the adapter will stay on the shifter arm and will come out of the knob.

Can you change the color of the engraving?
> We cannot change the color of the engraving since the silver you see is actually the material under the powder coating, we use CNC machines that cut away material in the shape of shift gate engravings.

Can you do custom engravings?
> We cannot offer custom engravings due to the amount of time and money it takes program and finalize an engraving. To give an example it takes about 20 working hours to program a single engraving from start to finish and usually we use around 10-15 shift knobs to get the engraving perfect.

The item I want is on backorder.
> If the item is on backorder you can still place the order and you will be on our backorder list which are the first orders that get fulfilled before the item returns to inventory. As for the timeframe a item takes to return to inventory its hard to put a number on since we have many different products all that require different manufacturing and finishing processes.

When will my order ship?
> All in stock orders will ship in 2-3 business days.

Do we ship internationally?
> We ship international orders daily and you can use the website cart to estimate shipping costs.

I want to cancel my order.
> Please click here to go to our order cancellation page.

I want to return my order.
> Please click here to go to our order return page.

I want to exchange my order.
> Please click here to go to our order exchange page.