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wheel hanger rods product review video

Are you afraid of scratching your wheels when you take them on and off? This is the biggest fear for owners of vehicles that use lug bolts, well we have the perfect solution. Our Wheel Hanger Rods is a very simple product that screws into your hub and allows you to rest the wheel on while installing or removing the wheel. Hanging your wheel on the hangers removes the chance of dropping your wheel onto the brake rotor or caliper which is the main cause of scratches on the barrel of the wheel.

wheel hangers built intentionally long

We designed our wheel hangers to be intentionally long for a reason. Most of the wheel hangers in the marketplace are very short and when using a short wheel hanger there is still a chance to miss the hanger and drop the wheel onto the caliper causing scratches. With our long wheel hangers it much easier to get the wheel on the hanger and remove any chance of scratches or dents.

close up of the engravings on our wheel hanger rods

Removing or installing wheels can be a tough job and we wanted to have our product last a lifetime. Our Wheel Hanger Rods are made from aluminum compared to the plastic wheel hangers in the marketplace which we have seen the threads wear out from repeated use and they tend to sag after a short period of time. When the plastic wheel hanger sag we have actually seen the wheel slide off the hanger and land face down onto the ground, this is any enthusiast's worst nightmare.

wheel hanger hard case with rods and tool

Our kit includes two-wheel hangers, a T40 Torx drive, and a hard case to hold everything together. We wanted to include two-wheel hangers to prevent the hub from rotating and causing the wheel to slam into the caliper which can happen when only using one hanger. Our main priority is to protect your wheels and aid in the removal and installation of your wheels. Our Wheel Hanger Rods are offered in three sizes; M12x1.5mm, M14x1.25mm, and M14x1.5mm to fit any vehicle that uses lug bolts.