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Don’t you hate when you just installed your beautiful shift knob and now your shift boot is saggy or has boot crack? We couldn’t just stand by and let boot crack kill the look of your interior, we had to take a stand to kill saggy shift boots. Our solution is our shift boot collars & retainers that help fix saggy ugly shift boots.

If you don’t know what we mean by a saggy shift boot or boot crack let me explain more in-depth. When we talk about a saggy shift boot we refer to what happens when you install your shift knob and now the shift boot is sagging below the knob. This creates an ugly relationship between your shift knob and your shift boot which no one wants. Saggy shift boots are most likely to happen on vehicles that utilize threaded adapters.

Boot crack is the undesirable wrinkly mess at the top of your shift boot when using a non-threaded adapter. It’s caused by squeezing the shift boot around the adapter and the unavoidable wrinkles that happen at the part which is folded over. Fixing boot crack is a very simple and painless process with our shift boot collars.

We offer two types of shift boot collars depending on what style of adapter your vehicle requires. First is our shift boot collar (NTA) for vehicles that utilize non-threaded adapters. The shift boot collar helps cover the typical boot crack and creates a seamless transition from your shift knob to shift boot. This collar simply slips over your shift boot ones installed onto the non-threaded adapter and then you just install your shift knob. This is the super easy but highly impactful product we recommend for every non-threaded adapter vehicle.

The second shift boot collar we offer is made specifically for threaded adapters. This shift boot collar also functions as a shift boot retainer and offers the greatest improvement in visual impact. Our collar \ retainer is attached to your shift boot and utilizing the o-rings at the top gets pressed into your Raceseng shift knob. Once installed you will notice the seamless transition from shift knob to shift boot and no more ugly saggy shift boot. We highly recommend a collar \ retainer for every vehicle that uses a threaded adapter.

Next, we wanted to offer you options for the finish of the collar. We settled on three finish options; blue, black, and red. This gives an endless amount of combinations with our shift knob finishes. The shift boot collars also have two unique engravings that are on the collar that you have the ability to turn for whichever you want to see. Now sadly our shift boot collars do not work with big bore shift knobs or reverse lockouts. However, they do work with all Raceseng shift knobs and extenders. Each product was designed to accentuate each other so when using any shift knob, extender, and shift boot collar you will see they all compliment each other. Now is your time to kill that ugly unwanted boot crack and go out and Enjoy the Drive.