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Shift knobs are our passion and we love defying the norm when it comes to designing new shift knobs and today we are going to be talking about our new Polyti shift knob. We wouldn’t settle for just your average teardrop-shaped shift knob we had to make something truly unique and stand out from the rest. Polyti is our take on a modern teardrop-shaped shift knob made from titanium and offered in some stunning finishes.

polyti specs

When we started the design process on Polyti we didn’t just want to make another teardrop-shaped shift knob, this knob has a unique tangent line before we go into this long undulating shape of the teardrop. At the bottom, we intentionally have this little lip that bumps out that helps break this form but also gives us an ability to make the bottom of the knob translate and flow down into the shift boot collar in a really seamless manner. The tangent line has a completely other function as well. The little undercut area is perfect for your four fingers and thumb to grip. This helps while you’re shifting so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you don’t lose grip during those tight turns or quick shifts.

polyti on car spitfire engraving highlight

Once we had the shape determined and optimal for the driving style we wanted next we had to tackle the engraving. The engraving feature on Polyti is highly unique to our Ti Series and only available on OrbTi, MonoTi, and PolyTi. The most unique part about the engraving is how the finish is still present on the Raceseng that is located in the center. We wanted to highlight the finishes on Polyti as much as possible and making it a highlight feature in the engraving was key. We also struggled, in the beginning, to have the engraving perfect but found a solution but slowing down the CNC machines using a small ball end mill to get all the details. Thus our final product is highly unique and one-of-a-kind engraving.

polyti finish options

Working with titanium also allows us to offer some eye-catching finishes not available on our other shift knobs. Polyti is available in beaded, brushed black, and spitfire a fan favorite. The spitfire finish is completely done by hand and takes multiple stages of meticulous handwork. The knob is first spun and polished by hand then we brush to slightly reduce the gloss level. Now comes the really cool part, we start to burn the shift knobs with an open flame to introduce some stunning colors. The beauty behind titanium is its ability to build incredible layers of color when the material is heated. We slowly heat the knob to different temperatures to create a beautiful gradient of color from blue to gold. Each spitfire finish is unique because the heating process is virtually impossible to duplicate.

polyti in car beaded finish

Polyti doesn’t just sit perfectly in the palm of your hand but it also helps give you an effortless shifting experience. Yes, titanium is a lighter material than stainless steel but this knob still weighs 322 grams which is heavier than OEM shift knobs. This is our take on a modern titanium teardrop-shaped shift knob that is incredibly unique and unlike anything else on the marketplace. That’s a wrap for Polyti and hope you guys Enjoy the Drive.