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R Lock - Now Available Ford Mustang GT \ Ecoboost \ V6

We are proud to introduce the R Lock to the S550 Ford Mustang owner. The R Lock is for the Ford Mustang owner who is tired of their plastic factory reverse lockout and lack of shift knob options. The Raceseng R Lock is a direct factory replacement that allows you to use ANY Raceseng shift knob on your Mustang. Constructed of 6061 billet aluminum, the single piece design is far superior to the factory reverse lockout which is prone to failure.


Problem #1: The factory Mustang reverse lockout has a large collar section which passes up into the OEM shift knob. The size of the collar drastically reduces the Mustang owner's shift knob selection. In fact, we were only able to make several of our shift knob models fit the factory reverse lockout.

Solution #1: We designed the R Lock to retain all of the OEM functionality but reduced the size of the collar section so it would fit ANY Raceseng shift knob. The trade off is that the Raceseng R Lock with NOT work with the OEM shift knob but... From our experience, the OEM S550 shift knob is horrible!

Problem #2: The factory reverse lockout is a two-piece plastic part that is welded together in order to sandwich the shift knob boot in place. The plastic welds on the are prone to breaking and present a critical issue, not being able to get the car into reverse!

Solution #2: The Raceseng R Lock is a single piece part that is machine from billet aluminum. It won't break!


The beauty behind the Raceseng R Lock is twofold. The Mustang enthusiast can now use ANY Raceseng knob, drastically opening your shift knob options to any of our Mass, Hybrid and Circuit Series shift knobs. The R Lock was given the same design language as our shift knobs which creates a harmonious aesthetic between the parts.


We believe in making beautiful parts that function well. This goes for anything we do, even something as simple as a reverse lockout. We pay very close attention to the cnc machining, media blasting and anodizing process. The result is a beautifully machined part that works as good as it looks.


The R Locks are available in our satin red and black anodized finish. They intentionally have a medium gloss level finish with a subtle texture to provide just enough of a pop without be unobtrusively bright.


The R Lock fits the factory GT, Ecoboost and V6 Mustang shifter arm as well as a variety of aftermarket shifter arms. If you have questions concerning fitment, please email customer service.

• 2015-2019 Ford Mustang GT, Ecoboost and V6 Models

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• Steeda Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter