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Ashiko youtube video

Today we are going to talk about our Raceseng Ashiko weighted shift knob, the killer of clunky shifts. At Raceseng we understand how important your shifting experience is and that's why we call this thing the killer of clunky shifts. The Ashiko weighs 735 grams or 1.5 lbs. When you pick this up and you actually can’t believe how heavy it is. The reason we made it this heavy was because manual transmission cars sometimes have a real clunky shifting experience. With the Ashiko weighted shift knob on your shifter arm, it actually smooths out every shift giving you a completely different driving experience. 

Ashiko specs and dimensions

We designed the Ashiko with a unique shape. It's a little bit more of a cylinder but the reason the shape is what it is because we wanted to pack as much weight into that knob as we possibly could while still making a comfortable knob for you guys to shift with. So if you actually look at the shape of the knob, this thing works in a variety of shifting styles. You can shift overhand, shift from the side, or on the top with your palm. The Ashiko allows you to have a different driving experience or a knob that allows you to drive in and shift your car in a couple of different manners.

Ashiko stocked finish options

Making a shift knob your own and unique for your car is very important and we understand that you want a car to be a personal reflection of yourself that’s why we offer 11 different finishes on the Ashiko. Starting with our brushed and beaded finish, translucent powder-coated finishes, gloss finish, and texture finishes. Each finish has a different look to add to the interior of your car. For example, our brushed and beaded finish helps match a car that has a little bit more of a satin or silver interior. Our translucent powder-coated finishes are actually a clear tinted powder coat that allows you to see the brush finish grain on the knob. The gloss finished knobs are what you’d assume they’re opaque high gloss color and the texture knobs are actually perfect for the person that just wants a little more of a subtle grip with their shifting experience. So each finish is really catered to a different user and a different shifting experience. 

Ashiko in car white gloss with ring engraving

The installation of Ashiko is very easy and we make a modular ecosystem of adapters. You simply just mount the adapter on your shifter arm and the Ashiko screws right onto the adapter. It’s that simple, but the key is that all these adapters fit any Raceseng shift knob so if you ever down the road want to change the style of your knob you don’t need to re-buy your adapter. You can buy any Raceseng shift knob and it will fit with any adapter we make and boy do we make a lot of adapters for a ton of different vehicles. We cover the domestic market with weighted shift knobs for Ford, Chevrolet, Camaro, and Dodge. The European market with weighted shift knobs for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. Also, the Japanese market for Subaru, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda. I left a ton out but you can reference the fitment chart to see if your specific vehicle is covered and if not reach out to us and see if we can help get an adapter for that vehicle! 

Ashiko in car with Extender \ Min Red

We understand how important it is for you guys to accessorize your car and that’s why we make a bunch of accessories that will work with any of our shift knobs. Everything from a boot collar that covers your boot crack to reverse lockouts for cars to replace your plastic flimsy and ugly OEM reverse lockouts. We also offer shift knob extenders that offer a subtle increase in the height of your shift knob to make a little bit more mechanical leverage on your shifting experience, these work really great with stiff short shifters. The key is that any of these accessories match the design language of any other shift knob we offer and they will all work together which makes a really nice system of products for you guys to accessorize your car. Now go out and Enjoy the Drive.